Dream. Do.


Trip starts to get close! I thought it might be interesting to show what I packed to my backpack and daypack. Our trip will last approx 8 months and it will include cold weather and snow when hiking in Nepal and also super hot weather and beaches. Not guaranteed yet this will be the most working combination, let´s see that after my trip…anyway here´s what I packed!


    – backpack 65L (McKinley, borrowed)
    – raincover for backpack (Tatonka 65L)
    – daypack (Haglöfs Tight 20L)
    – silk bedsheet (Cocoon Silk Liner)
    – quick-drying towel made of linen

    – sun glasses

    – leatherman-multitool
    – mini LED-light
    – clothesline and clothespins
    – SPORK-multitool for eating
    – plastic bags; different types and sizes for garbages, rain protection, gear protection, to help organising stuff in backpack…
    – duct tape
    – adaptor

    – vacuum bags to help packing
    – hammock- hammock
    – mosquito net (to be bought)
    – mosquito net (to be bought)



    – trekking boots (Haglöfs, bought and used many months before the trip)
    – trekking sandals
    – flip flops

    – trekking socks and liners
    – quick drying underwear
    – quick drying sportsbra
    – bikini

    – 2* loose tank top
    – 2* loose T-shirt
    – thin, long-sleeved shirt for hot countries to protect from sun and mosquitos
    – 2/3-sleeved, thin and loose shirt
    – loose pants (below knee) with pockets
    – loose pants (below knee) made of thin, breathable fabric
    – college shorts

    – Asenne-cap


    – moneybelt
    – lock for guesthouses with many spare-keys
    – locks for locking backpacks and daypack
    – chain-lock to lock backpack in buses, trains…


    – Antibac-gel
    – medicine kit (incl. malaria drugs, antibiotics and some basic medicine like painkillers, diarrhea pills, hydrocortison…)
    – first-aid kit
    – toilet bag (incl. mini shampoo and conditioner, body wash and lotion, serious sunscreen and lip balm, deodorant, tooth brush and – paste, very few make-up, brush, razors…)
    – mosquito spray
    – baby wipes to clean when shower isn´t near



    – Travel guide-books of first countries (Madventures-guide for travellers, Nepal and India-guides)
    – diary
    – mini-laptop
    – mini-speaker
    – phone and charger
    – camera + charger + extra battery + memory card
    – playing cards
    – Naimakka-bracelet which can be untied and used as rope
    – fleece blanket and pillow for cold bus trips and flights
    – sleeping mask, neck pillow and earplugs
    – small pack of salmiakki and chocolate

    – passport and travelling documents (incl. important addresses and phone numbers, prescriptions of medicines, insurance documents, vaccination card…These are also scanned and posted to a cloud-service)
    – extra passport-photos for visas
    – debit/credit cards
    – drivers licenses (Finnish and international)

To be taken as ‘extra’ stuff for Nepal


    2* T-shirts made of quick-drying and breathing material
    Trekking jacket (Fjällräven)
    Trekking trousers (Fjällräven)
    Sports leggings
    50% woollen longsleeved underwear
    Long sleeved shirt made of Merino wool
    Long sleeved shirt made of breathable, quick-drying material
    Woollen socks
    Woollen gloves
    Woollen beanie


    extra-energy for the trek (energy gels, chocolate, nuts…)
    hot pads to warm your toes


This little fellow was pretty interested what was going on…

– Katariina

How I made it possible? – About ‘dream-do’ – attitude and signs that led me to my decision

There is certain wisdoms in life which I´ve noticed being completely true. They say that if you have come to a crossing in your life and aren´t 100% sure what to do, you should act as following:

  • stop and breathe
  • wait for a while (never act straight away, you might go wrong)
  • start looking for signs universe gives to you

First sign came in 2013 when my body started to tell me it wasn´t happy with my lifestyle.

    That year had been…let´s say very fulfilling what it came to my work. We worked with a very interesting project through all year and I gave as much to it as I could. By the end of the year I realised I wasn´t in very great condition mentally nor physically. It started to be hard for me to sleep. I realised I needed to change something in my life. I looked at the problem from different angles. I was pondering if I needed to change the place I lived, the city I lived, the job I had or if I needed to continue studying. Not single one of these options felt very great answers.

Second sign was a book my flatmate gave me one evening before christmas.

    It was a book which handled the meaning of dreaming in life (Saku Tuominen – Hyvä elämä, lyhyt oppimäärä, Paasilinna). The book was short but the message was clear. Too many people stop dreaming after they´ve ‘grown up’. The book said that the very basic thing to be happy in your life is to give some space for dreaming in your agenda. If you can dream it – you can achieve it. Basically when you put an idea to your subconsciousness it will start affecting to your life and to your actions in a higher level. You might notice in the long run that ‘whattahell I´ve had exactly that thing I dreamed a year or two ago! How did that happen?!’. (Of course you have worked hard, had great opportunities and answered to these opportunities correctly.)

    I realised that I had had exactly that kind of life I dreamed of four years ago before moving to Helsinki. I had a stable job and very nice people to work with. I had a dream flat from the centre of Helsinki and many great people to spend my freetime with. I had had the dream project at work I wished for a couple of years. After reading that book I understood that I had stopped dreaming. Maybe that was the reason why I felt that I had lost the vision of where I was going and that life had started to lead me instead that I was leading my life. I started to write down dreams I had had a couple of years ago, but which I had forgotten. Some of them still felt relevant.

Then one evening I still quite hadn´t found the one great solution. I had my dream list but it had too many things on it and I didn´t know which one of them would lead me to the right direction. I was surfing in the internet and suddenly I was looking at sign number 3.

    There was a banner of an event Kilroy Travels was about to arrange. Somehow I felt that I needed to participate and next week I was sitting in a seminar which was about different types of travelling opportunities. There was people talking about voluntary work or studying abroad but when I heard Sami and Joonas talking about a surfing trip they had done around the world, I realised it was exactly something I was looking for. Relaxed time for myself somewhere where I could meet other cultures, chill out and learn new skills that I´ve always wanted to learn like surfing. Another thing I realised then – I had been looking Kilroy’s adverts all these years when I´d been waiting a tram in the railway station in front of their Helsinki office. What had I thought all these years amused and ironic smile on my face: ‘Who are these people who could travel around the world doing amazing and interesting things?’ Answer came to my head crystal clear in that evening – it was going to be me by the end of this year.
    It felt scary and unsecure to leave alone so next week I called to a good old friend of mine who I knew might have similar interests. We had been talking about our dreams many years but they had been just talks then. Now we started to dream together more specifically where we exactly would like to go and for how long time and when leaving could be possible for us. When we had a rough route plan after one month, we booked a planning meeting to Kilroy’s office. Guess who was the dude behind the desk starting to help us to implement our trip. It was Joonas from my first Kilroy evening :)



Kat // Fin is born!

Welcome to my Blog Kat // Fin!

This blog is opened to share my experiences from my backpacking trip to Nepal, India and South-East Asia started in October 2014. Trip will start in a week from Kathmandu, Nepal. The plan so far is to be on the road until next summer. It´s great to have you here – stay tuned!

Tervetuloa blogiini Kat // Fin!

Blogi kertoo kokemuksistani lähtiessäni lokakuussa 2014 reppureissaamaan Nepaliin, Intiaan ja Kaakkois-Aasiaan. Matka alkaa viikon päästä Nepalin pääkaupungista Kathmandusta. Tarkoitus on näillä näkymin olla tien päällä ensi kesään. Mahtavaa että liityt mukaan seuraamaan matkaani – pysytään kuulolla!