What have we done in two weeks in Thailand?

WP_20150218_003 Fixed our visas to Myanmar in Bangkok…it took three days

DSC_2855 Had a walk in Lumphini Park in Bangkok and happened to crash a free park-concert played by Bangkok Symphony Orchestra!

10923282_10153080971573560_9068890945243438053_n Celebrated Chinese New Year with fellow travellers

WP_20150219_006 I went crazy in Bangkok…got anxious, got fever and almost felt like quitting travelling! Auli took me to hospital <3

WP_20150219_004 Auli thought that a relaxed holiday would do us good…holiday with no stress…

WP_20150224_004…so we booked a nice and pricey resort for 5 nights in Phuket (zero backpackers – only pensioners…so refreshing!)

WP_20150224_007…which had jacuzzi on the balcony. Seriously we left this hotel propably twice!

Plus we bought tickets. Not back to Finland but to Myanmar! There is highs and lows in travelling and especially I have been travelling in emotional rollercoaster for the last two weeks. Even it sometimes feels hard, we decided to keep going. Arrivederci guys!