Welcome to my blog about travelling after my dreams.
    I salute you and I´m happy you are here!

What is Kat Fin? // Kat Fin is a nickname given to me by my British friend Alex, who I met during my first longer trip abroad. I studied then half a year in Edinburgh, Scotland. My name is Katariina, I´m 27 years old in 2014. I graduated four years ago as interior architect and I´ve been working since then in that field. My roots are in Southern Finland in a town called Lammi. The place where I´ve grown, I would describe best as a real countryside. My parents own a proper farmhouse and my grandparents used to have cows. After graduating I moved to central Helsinki and been living and building my life there since.

What´s so special with me? // I succeeded to build a stable life to Helsinki filled by friends and interesting job but something was missing. I had to admit I wasn´t completely happy. After searching the missing thing from wrong directions, my long-time dream suddenly came across me. I realized it was an answer I´d been looking for. Something that felt nothing but extremely good.

I´m now about to make a big change in my life. My dream will come true soon when I pack my life into a backpack and just with a one-way ticket, I´ll fly to Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, in mid-October 2014. Travelling continues from Nepal to India and to South-East Asia. At this point I can only guess what this trip gives to me or how it changes me but I believe that the big results to my life are only positive. Returning schedule is wide open.

Why I wanna share my story? //

First of all – to inspire everyone who might have similar kinds of dreams but don´t know yet when and how to make them real.

Second of all – to inform you about what it takes to make this kind of change in your life and how it feels being on the road.

Third reason – I found having a blog the best channel to tell that I´m still alive and keep on rocking!

So have a happy reading times and feel free to leave a comment!